Tiger weekly horoscope

Only respect, appreciation, and trust can save your affair.

The horoscope for Tiger portends that you will be full of energy and vitality and you will mainly follow the directions on which you started at the beginning of the year. It is time to prioritize achieving your main objectives in an easy and personal way. In order to avoid any nervous breakdowns, it is best to do everything with patience, in phases and to give yourself enough time to relax.

Tiger Weekly Chinese Horoscope

During the Earth Pig Year, the Tiger natives need periods of physical training in order to maintain a good shape and to have the capacity to recover when they go through difficult times. The emotional health can be much improved by avoiding conflicts with those around you. You need to set them in the South-Eastern side of your home.

The Symbol of Double Happiness is a very strong symbol of love, attracting harmony and passion within the couple, stimulating on a sentimental level. Health: Place a Wu Lou in the East side of the living room, so that the entire family can enjoy a good state of health.

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The Eastern sector is the universal place of health, according to Pa Kua life aspirations. It is particularly strong in this sector because of its wooden element. Also, we recommend you to wear in your purse, pocket or in the car a keychain or a talisman with Wu Lou that can protect you from negative energies, accidents, and bad luck.

With their luck stable, Tigers still need to pay attention to their health to eliminate disease. Finances will be in good shape. As for love lives, they will be vulnerable to crisis.

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This will be a prosperous month. Job problems will be erased, and some good progress will be made. Financially Tigers will receive an unexpected boost. In relationships, however, they may frequently face crises. Tigers will be healthy. Luck will dive this month for Tigers. They should be prudent in their careers in case of incident. Out of luck financially, they will sustain some damage to property.

Their romantic lives will be plain, and they should deal with this calmly. They should not quarrel at the slightest provocation with their partners.

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Little upturns will filter into Tigers' lives. Their careers will pick up. At the end of the month, they will receive some profit from business. They will have peace of mind and get along well with their families. There will be nothing to worry about in their health, but they should exercise more often. Tigers will have a fluctuating life with both ups and downs in They will likely consume a large amount of physical energy this year, thus Tigers will need to pay more attention to their heath, for happiness only welcomes those who love themselves.


Life will be stable this month for Tigers and their luck will be on the rise. Though not exactly thriving, their lives will improve and get back to normal. They will be vulnerable to some sickness this month, so they should watch out for that. In month 2, life will be pretty normal for Tigers. They should plan a lot and prepare well in the beginning of this period.

Though things in life might seem to be a lot of pressure to others, Tigers should just continue working and try to be happy. There will be nothing to be worried about for Tigers in month 3 because they will be full of competence. It will be just an interim period for them.

Tigers will face declining luck during month 4. Some scandals facing Tigers may bother them. However, they should keep calm, be smart, and just let go of the problems.

Tiger Chinese Weekly Horoscope : Tiger Chinese Astrology, Chinese Tiger

During this period of time, Tigers should spare more time for their family when they are not tied to work. It will be necessary to maintain intimate relationship with family during this time. Tigers will experience some failures in month 5, but they shouldn't lose themselves in deep depression. They should slow down and adjust their emotions.

Tigers will encounter thriving luck in month 6. Everything will develop well and they will have a sense of accomplishment in many aspects. It will be worthy of a celebration and will enhance their personal magnetism. In material terms, analyze whether the relevant step brought in enough money, material goods or any other natural advantage. Check that before moving onto the second step of your project, which you will have to complete under the same conditions. Ensure that you have objective proof that this second step was rewarding for you in every sense of the word.

You can then move onto the next step, and so on, until the complete success of your project.

What matters is that you achieve your goal. Even if that takes you a little longer than planned! Nonetheless be careful: do so in a realistic way. If there is already someone in your heart, this realistic mindset will help you to know if that person is compatible with you and to make the appropriate decisions in relation to your analysis of your current relationships. Take advantage of this new year to take stock of your current romantic relationships, because circumstances will be favorable for re-assessments in this field. Similarly, analyze situations that worry you. Behave in the same way with your friendships and that will enable you to sort your true friends from the fake ones — those who spend time with you out of self-interest or who take advantage of you.

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